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1) Cost Allocation of Environmental Remediation and Mitigation Measures 2-Day Class

One of the issues with litigation settlement of remediation claims is the equitable cost allocation of past and future costs for cleanup. Other topics to be discussed include environmental valuation, assessment and determination of financial responsibility using forensic evidence and other methods when standard chemical release documentation is not available.  The basis of this workshop is the upcoming book, Cost Allocation for Environmental Projects; in press, James Jacobs.

2)  Environmental Aspects of Oil Spills and Gas Leaks 2-Day Class

The workshop is based on the McGraw-Hill book, Oil Spills and Gas Leaks, by Testa and Jacobs, 2014.

3)  Recycling Oil Field Wastes, Bioremediation of Oil Field Soils and Sludges, and Soil Recycling using Cold Mix Asphalt Processing, and Innovative Water Treatments - 2 Day Class

The class is based on the McGraw-Hill book, Oil Spills and Gas Leaks, by Testa and Jacobs, 2014 and selected soil recycling chapters of the Wiley book, Acid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage, and Acid Sulfate Soils Jacobs, Lehr and Testa, 2014.  This class could occur in the field, if we have a demonstration area and appropriate vendors to perform some of the processes.  

4)  Environmental Aspects of Hydraulic Fracturing Operations and Oil and Gas Production - 2 Day Class

based on the upcoming book, Fracking: Environmental Protection and Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources (in press), Jacobs and Testa.  This class discusses the need for objective documentation and data collection from both land owners, community leaders, and regulators as well as operators, consultants, and attorneys.  The class describes the precautionary principle as it applies to hydraulic fracture stimulation, and ways to protect the environment and mitigate hazardous conditions.

5)  Mitigation of Acid Mine Drainage During Mining and Land Development - 2 Day Class

The class describes restoration of abandoned mine sites, as well as planning for current or future mining areas.  The class is based on the Wiley book, Acid Mine Drainage, Rock Drainage, and Acid Sulfate Soils, ed. Jacobs, Lehr and Testa, 2014.  

6)  Environmental Management System (EMS) for the Oil and Gas Industry.  5 Day Class 

The class focuses on the software tools, techniques and management systems of environmental management in the oil and gas industry, especially related to drilling and production activities and wastes.  Workshop sessions will feature policy development, conducting environmental reviews, addressing environmental issues including waste management, energy efficiency, pollution control and emergency planning, and environmental monitoring.

​7)  Assessing VOC Migration Pathways, Testing New Vapor Intrusion Site Conceptual Models & Practical VOC Sampling Methods – 2 Day Class

This pragmatic workshop will provide the basis for developing more realistic field testing and site conceptual models for releases into the subsurface of industrial chlorinated solvents like PCE, TCE, and 1,4-Dioxane, as well as fuel hydrocarbons.  The class will discuss exposure pathway analysis and risk assessment.   The class will be particularly relevant to regulatory personnel, environmental consultants, responsible parties, attorneys and wastewater collection and plant operators.  Participants will learn how to design field sampling programs to test exposure pathways to develop accurate site conceptual models.  Exposure mitigation measures will be taught from designing and planning to implementation and monitoring.


Clearwater Group Principal Geologist, James A. Jacobs, designed and taught 7 to 20 day duration classes:

In 2003, Jacobs was awarded a Fulbright Senior Specialist grant to teach workshops on water resources management and environmental science at the University of the West Indies (UWI). 

In 2004, he was awarded a second Fulbright Senior Specialist grant to teach the 20-day Environmental Engineering (EM643), a graduate class at UWI, Mona Campus, Jamaica; (80 hours of classroom instruction).

In 2008, Jacobs won a third Fulbright Senior Specialist grant to teach Risked-Based Environmental Decision Making for Afeka College of Engineering in Tel Aviv, Israel.  (40 hours of classroom instruction, taught with Chin Man Mok, Ravi Arulanantham and Ami Adini).

In 2011, Jacobs designed and taught Sustainable Remediation Methods for Soils and Water (X-451); University of California, Berkeley Extension program for Spring 2011 and Fall 2011; Berkeley, California, USA (15 hours of classroom instruction per semester).

In 2011, Jacobs co-taught a Risked-Based Environmental Decision Making, Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany; (total 40 hours of classroom instruction, taught with Chin Man Mok and Ravi Arulanantham).

In 2012, Jacobs won a fourth Fulbright Senior Specialist grant and taught Risk-Based Subsurface Environmental Management and Sustainable Remediation and other environmental workshops and graduate classes focused on sustainable environmental practices, recycling, and practical remediation efforts as part of the Fulbright grant program at SRTM University in Nanded, India; (42 hours of classroom instruction, taught with Chin Man Mok and Stephen Baker). 


Jacobs has taught other environmental workshops at national meetings, including the following:

"Two Phase Extraction Methods, Application for Groundwater and Soil Remediation."  A four hour Workshop presentation given by Mehmet Pehlivan, James Jacobs and others:

  • American Institute of Professional Geologists, 2009 National Meeting, Grand Junction, Colorado

  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences, 2008, National Meeting, San Diego, California

  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences, 20010, National Meeting, San Diego, California

  • Battelle Chlorinated Solvent Conference, 2008, Monterey, California

"RBCA Grows Up: Introduction to Environmental Hazard Evaluation and Advanced Approaches for Site Investigations."  A four hour Workshop presentation given by Roger Brewer, James Jacobs and others:

  • Association for Environmental Health and Sciences, 2009, National Meeting, San Diego, California 


Clearwater Group helps to mentor students and  young professionals.

Since 2010, Jacobs has been the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) Sponsor of the UC Davis AIPG Student Section (see photo).  Jacobs has lectured about topics related to being a professional geologist, interviewing for jobs, writing resumes, and career development.

Other lectures and student interactions are reflected in the gallery of photos from India to Germany to Davis, California.