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Water supply, groundwater monitoring and basin

mapping are best done with reliable data.  In 

some cases, information may be limited to old driller's reports 

Remediation design and implementation using a variety of technologies (extraction, chemical oxidation, bioremediation, and geochemical fixation.

Building water damage assessment and repair, moisture and odor mitigation services are offered. 

Second opinions are used to evaluate progress toward project goals and milestones.  Sometimes the opinions are used to provide a financial basis for mineral resources such as coal, oil or natural gas deposits or production potential to settle estates or resolve a legal case. 

Sewer air testing and exposure pathway evaluation has been largely overlooked as a source of volatile 

organic compound (VOCs) influent and exfluent in 

sewer systems, potentially impacting indoor air.

Bench Testing and Feasibility Studies are used to evaluate 

in-situ applications in the laboratory to test for contaminant degradation rates and whether unwanted​ reactions occur that could release metals into solution.

Customized technical classes and workshops related to health, safety, environmental science, and geology

​Real Estate Environmental Issues

Environmental issues for the mining industry include topics such as permitting, environmental restoration plans and addressing acid mine drainage.  

Erosion, pollution and stormwater control services are needed during construction and at industrial facilities.  

Clearwater provides SWPPPs and erosion control plans.

Oil and Gas Lease Valuation and Field Assessment and Cleanup.  Lease holdings require valuation for estate settlement purposes.

Phase I Environmental Assessments and due diligence evaluations are performed to protect both buyers and sellers regarding proper environmental disclosure.

Vapor and Water Issues 

Oil & Gas Industry and Mining Industry Services

Expert Consulting Services

Developing sustainable solutions requires an accurate​ assessment of the environmental

challenges and understanding the 

underlying risks and 


Cost allocation and litigation support services focus on developing accurate information to resolve disputes.  Forensic studies are used to develop evidence in complex environmental and engineering cases.

Our professionals are members and support the following organizations:  

Subsurface investigations for industrial, commercial, agricultural, and military properties helps to evaluate human health exposures and the liabilities for the costs of environmental cleanups.  

Books have been developed by Clearwater principals which focus on environmental topics, including MTBE, hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)], oil spills and gas leaks and acid mine drainage.

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