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Recently fire in California has become a more common site.  Photo courtesy of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE).

With the massive Sonoma County-Napa County and nearby fires and destruction in Santa Rosa in October 2017, erosion control will be part of the next plan to reduce damage to soil and waterways during the next rainy season. 

Clearwater Group has worked with clients needing stormwater services throughout California.  San Francisco Bay is highly regulated and the company has designed and installed construction and industrial erosion control plans and training for clients in the area.  Clearwater has designed and installed industrial and construction-related erosion control projects.

Clearwater provides training to contractors and property owners:

  • QSD/QSP Classes and Training
  • QISP Classes and Training

Instructor:  James Jacobs of Clearwater has the Trainer of Record (ToR) designation to teach the QISP and QSD/QSP classes for the construction QSP/QSD certificate and Qualified Industrial Stormwater Practitioner (QISP) to help with stormwater needs for industrial clients.  He has worked as an expert on stormwater legal cases. 


CalFire: http://calfire.ca.gov